Hi there!!

Welcome to the ANP Photography blog!

As my first blog post, I thought I'd share a little bit about myself! 


25 Facts About Me:
1. I love dogs!!
2. My parents named me after the song, Amanda by Boston.
3. My favorite color is blue.
4. I was born in Louisville, KY but pretty much grew up here in Canton. My family moved here when I was 6 and we have been here ever since.
5. I’m a makeup junkie lol I love playing with makeup and trying new products.
6. I have one brother, his name is Scampers and he is a Bichon Frise mix (yes, call me crazy but I consider my pup family). 
7. My best friend is Alicia Mitchell. Soon to be bestie of 8 years!
8. My favorite season is fall. I love the colors of the leaves and because it’s not too hot but not too cold.
9. I love traveling. I want to travel and explore the world.
10. I love watching comedy movies (White Chicks and Mean Girls are my favorite, I’ve seen both probably over 100 times and can quote almost every line to both movies).
11. I’m terrible at explaining things.
12. I love playing board games, monopoly is my favorite. 
13. I cannot dance to save my life.
14. I enjoy getting my nails done.
15. I enjoy reading mystery books. My favorite series is The Lying Game.
16. My guilty pleasure is the Bachelor/Bachelorette. As much as I hate drama and reality tv, I cannot get enough of this show haha. 
17. I’m always on YouTube either watching a makeup tutorial, funny video or something related to photography. 
18. I hate cream cheese… (I know… I’m weird).
19. I work with children and I love it, they just make my day. The kiddos I work with never fail to make me smile. 
20. I got into photography my junior year of high school and I have loved it ever since!
21. Some of my favorite TV shows are, Pretty Little Liars, Bones, Teen Wolf (all three on their last season #sadface), The Goldberg's, The Middle and just about anything on HGTV, especially Fixer Upper and Flip or Flop. 
22. My first concert was The Eagles.
23. I can shake my eyes. Can you? I don’t know many people that can.
24. I fell asleep at a concert once lol.
25. One of my favorite quotes is, “Always remember to fall asleep with a dream and wake up with a purpose.” 

I hope you enjoyed reading and getting to know me a little bit better! Thank you to everyone who has supported me and my business! It means a lot! ❤️